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Khẩn cầu cùng Cha Braga cho Cha Jose Reinoso (Pepe)

MANILA: 10.02.2014 -Như rất nhiều người trong Vùng Đông Á Châu Đại Dương đã biết cha José (Pepe) Reinoso, hoặc là trong những năm ở Phi Luật Tân hay là ở Roma, thì bây giờ cũng thật là thích đáng để báo tin cho người đọc là cha đang trong tình trạng bệnh tình trầm trọng trong nhà thương ở Manila, và theo sự chẩn đoán bệnh tình cũng như theo cách nói của con người thì tình trạng đã quá tệ. Cộng thể nơi cha là Giám đốc đang cầu xin sự chuyển cầu của cha Charles Braga. Giờ đây, qua lá thư này chúng tôi xin mọi người cách chung cầu nguyện cho cha Reinoso.

Cha Reinoso là cha Giám đốc của Học viện thần học Salêdiêng ở Paranaque. Sức khỏe của ngài cách chung đã yếu đi trong thời gian gần đây. Cách đây ít tuần, ngài đã bị đột quỵ và ngay lập tức được chuyển tới nhà thương trong tình trạng hôn mê. Lúc này ngài đã qua cơn hôn mê, nhưng bị liệt nửa người phía bên trái, và phải ăn uống bằng ống dẫn. Ngài đã tự thở được.  Và những hội viên đã đến thăm ngài nói là ngài cũng có phần nào phản ứng - có thể là nghe được, nhưng chưa thể nhìn và nói được.


Minh Tuấn, SDB chuyển ngữ


Anh em Sa-lê-diêng & Triều Đại Shogun tại Nhật Bản

VATICAN CITY/OITA (Japan): 5 February 2014-- An incredible story has been unfolding over these days. Perhaps you have noticed it, since it found mention in much of the major international news coverage in the last week of January. In brief, the story is this: A Salesian Italian missionary to Japan, Fr Mario Marega, was an avid and astute collector (one report says 'hoarder') of anything that would throw light on the history of Christianity in Japan and especially the terrible times of the Japanese martyrs. In the end he had collected some 10,000 items, which were eventually sent to Rome, and to the Vatican Archives in particular. Monsignor Cesare Pasini, now head of the Vatican’s Apostolic Library, said the so-called Marega Papers represent the largest known civic archive of its kind. And in the week before the end of January, the Vatican library and four Japanese historical institutes have agreed to inventory, catalogue and digitise these 10,000 documents. The documents come from the Bungo civic archive in the Oita Prefecture, Japan, where we know (see further on) Fr Marega worked as a Salesian. His collection of documents from the Bungo archive "reminds us of the Christian martyrs, along with those who could not withstand the trials, and constitutes extraordinary documentation for the study of Christianity in Japan," Pasini said. "In fact, experts on the subject know of no other collections of this size and breadth."

These are the bare bones of the story, but there is more to it. The CNS report, one of many concerning this story, tells us the following:

Cardinal Raffaele Farina, retired prefect of the Vatican Library and himself a Salesian, said the documents at the Vatican were discovered "when the library was closed for restructuring from 2007 to 2010."

"We began studying what kind of documents there were and how many -- at first we did not realize how much was there," Farina told Catholic News Service Thursday, the eve of the feast of St John Bosco.

Farina already was familiar with Marega's life as a selective and astute historical hoarder.

As archivist of the Salesian order for a decade before moving to the Vatican, the cardinal said, "I did what I could" to gather papers from Marega that were stored at the former Salesian generalate in Turin, Italy, and at the Salesian University in Rome. The gathering and study of the Salesian collection took a leap forward as the order prepared for the celebration in 2012 of the 75th anniversary of the establishment of its Japanese province.

Farina credits Delio Proverbio, an orientalist at the Vatican Library, and retired Bishop Francis Xavier Mizobe of Takamatsu, Japan -- another Salesian -- for discovering just how extraordinary the documents at the Vatican were.

But there is still more to the story, and maybe something we can add that many do not know. All of the reports (you can find them on CNS, Catholic Herald UK, Asia news, Japan Daily Press, etc.) run a comment something along the lines of "An Italian missionary priest took the 22 bundles of documents out of Japan in the 1940s and brought them to Rome."  Was that really how it happened?

We are fortunate to have some 6,000 letters of the Venerable Vincent Cimatti on SDL, so it occurred to this writer that maybe, amidst that abundant correspondence, there would be some addressed to Fr Marega, and indeed there are, 40 or more. Many of these make reference to his historical interests and skills.  But there is one in particular which may throw light on how these documents got to the Vatican. To put it in context, Cimatti usually had two reasons for being back in Italy, neither of them to do with wanting to 'visit home'. As the Salesien Superior in Japan he needed to be back for General Chapters, but more to the point, he was also the Apostolic Prefect precisely for the area that covered Oita. The two prefectures of Oita and Miyazaki, which were entrusted to the Salesians from 1928, separated from the Fukuoka Diocese and became the Apostolic Prefecture of Miyazaki on January 28, 1935. Fr Cimatti was appointed the first ordinary. He resigned in 1940. In 1938 he would have effectively been on his one and only 'ad limina' visit.

 (Translation below)

5 agosto 1938

Carissimo Marega,

        Nell'udienza del S. Padre presentai il Kojiki e il testo xilografato, che esaminò qua e là con compiacenza: mi disse di inviarti le più sincere congratulazioni; da parte sua esaminerà e lo farà collocare in un posto d'onore della sua cara biblioteca vaticana. Ti dà una benedizione specialissima ed esorta a lavorare intensamente anche in questo campo di apostolato, che benché indiretto non è meno importante e fruttuoso (Se credi utile, fa' pubblicare sui giornali. Da' tu la forma).

        Consegnai una copia al Sig. Don Ricaldone - espresse il desiderio fosse stampato dalla SEI - alle spiegazioni del Sig. Don Candela e del sottoscritto comprese.

        Sta' tranquillo per i tuoi desiderata: macchina fotografica, nastri macchina, cose necessarie per la casa, ecc., Bibbia in ebraico, maiolica…

Dear Marega, [Italians commonly just use a surname in written and spoken address],
     In my audience with the Holy Father, I presented him with the Kojiki [8th century Japanese historical chronicle - were this to be indeed the case, the collection we are referring might be more stunning than people are really letting on, since it is the oldest extant chronicle in Japan! But it is clearly a copy], which he obligingly took a look through. He told me to send you his sincerest congratulations. For his part he would examine it further and have it given a place of honour in his dear Vatican Library. He sends you a very special blessing and encourages you to work really hard in this field of apostolate too, which indirect though it may be, is no less important and fruitful (and if you think it useful, have this published in the newspapers. Up to you what form you present it in).

     I also gave a copy to Fr Ricaldone - he has expressed the wish that it be printed by SEI -

with explanations from Fr Candela and myself included.

     Rest assured regarding the things you are after: camera, tape-recorder, things for the house, Hebrew Bible, maiolica [Renaissance ceramics - whatever that was all about!]

     While it is unlikely that Cimatti carried 22 packets with him to the Holy Father, it seems likely that the audience with the Holy Father established the connection with the Vatican Library and would have been sufficient entrée for Fr Marega on a later occasion.

Here are links to several reports on this event:

Japan Daily Press

Asia News

Oddly enough it is very hard to find this or the 'posta d'onore' on the Vatican Library Website


The only two references I could come up with are here.

Cuộc gặp mặt của các Sư Huynh ITM

LAMPUNG, SUMATRA: 28 January 2013 --  Now they are back to their usual activities in their Salesian settings, but for  four unforgettable days (23-26 Jan. 2014) 12 Salesian Brothers, 7 from Indonesia and five from East Timor, gathered together in the Ngison Nando (which in Javanese means 'quiet place') Retreat House in Lampung, Sumatra, for the ITM Salesian Brothers’ Encounter, which is usually held every two years.

The theme for this year followed that of the Salesian Brothers Congress in Hua-Hin, Thailand (18-23 Aug. 2013): “Reflection on the History, Pedagogy and Spirituality of the Salesian Brother in preparation for the Bicentenary of the Birth of Don Bosco.” The resource person and speaker, Bro. Raymond Callo, a staff member of the East-Asia Oceania Salesian Brothers’ Specific Formation Team in Paranaque, Philippines, and Coordinator of the EAO Formation Commission was invited to share his reflections in each session. The new Provincial Delegate for Indonesia, Fr Andre Delimarta, and Fr Ramoncito Padilla, the Head of the Delegation Commission for Formation who organised the whole affair, were also present to accompany the Brothers throughout the Encounter.

On the first day the group reflected and shared, starting with Lectio Divina in the morning, on Don Bosco’s history in relation to the identity of the Salesian Brother; on the second day, on Don Bosco’s pedagogy in relation to the Salesian Brother; and on the third and last day on Don Bosco’s spirituality and the Salesian Brother.

The liturgy contributed to the development of the theme: on the 24th of January, Feast of  St. Francis de Sales, the Patron of our Congregation and model of Don Bosco’s kindness and pastoral charity, the Brothers understood in a better way what it means to be identified as a SALESIAN Brother. On the 25th of January, Feast of the Conversion of St Paul, they realised the need for continual conversion, for ongoing formation, updating and being qualified in order to be relevant in educating and evangelising young people in the present day. On the 26th of January, Third Sunday in Ordinary Time, the Gospel about the calling of the First Disciples tzo be Fishers of Men (Mt. 4:12-23), made the Brothers more resolved to be like Don Bosco, the saint and contemplative in action, so as to be visible, credible and fruitful Salesian Brothers in their apostolic work of education and evangelisation.

Before the end of the Encounter, Bro. Mon also explained the revisions done in the Congregation with regards to the Formation of the Salesian Brothers and the  EAO Specific Formation Program for Salesian Brothers in the Philippines.

The activities were not all intellectual and spiritual, there was also time for a cultural night, for an outing and swimming, a time to relax and enjoy each others’ company.


After the Concluding Mass on the 26th, Fr Delimarta expressed the whole Vice-Province’s deep gratitude to Bro. Mon Callo for his availability to come to Indonesia for the Brothers’ Encounter, and expressed the wish of the Brothers that this may not be the last. A short evaluation was made after the Encounter which mirrored the overall satisfaction of all who participated. After the 'despedida' (farewell) lunch, during which the Provincial Delegate also thanked the Sacred Heart Sisters running the Retreat House, the Encounter ended.

Vùng Đông Á – Châu Đại Dương mừng lễ Thánh Gioan Bosco

SALELOLOGA (Samoa), HENDERSON (Solomons), FUILORO (Timor Leste):3 Februry 2014 --  Given the quantity of material coming in regarding the DB celebrations for 31st January, here is a round-up of events in three areas in EAO's far south-eastern sector: Don Bosco High School and Vocational Centre, Salelologa, Savai'i (Samoa); Don Bosco Technical Institute, Henderson, Solomons; Don Bosco Jubilee Hall opening at Fuiloro, Timor Leste. We will take them in order of the beginning of the day, 31st January!

Tân Giám Tỉnh của Tỉnh dòng Hàn Quốc

SEOUL: 24 January 2013 -- It is a busy and joyful time for KOR Province today: 3 ordinations to diaconate, 4 ordinations to priesthood (more about these tomorrow) and the official announcement of the new Provincial to take office immediately following GC27.

And in another part of the Region, Fr Peter Baquero is officially installed as the Delegate for the PNG/SI Delegation, taking over from Fr Raffy Galve who has begun a long-awaited and well-deserved sabbatical.

The new Provincial for KOR is Fr Stephen Yang Seungkuk, currently Vice Provincial and Delegate for GC27.

Stephen Yang was born in 1959, of a Christian family, the first of three sons of Joseph Yang and Lucia Cho.

Although originally from Seoul, during his childhood the family moved to Daegu, a metropolitan city in the south. He graduated from a technical high school in design art, and was then employed by Samsung Heavy Industries in the ship design section for six years, during which he was a leader in the Christian community among the employees since was no chaplain.  His special zeal for Legion of Mary activity eventually led him to respond to God's call by becoming a Salesian.

His confreres describe Fr Stephen as a model of a humble and poor life style in  community, as well as being a good listener. He is also a well-known writer in the spirituality field. ‘The Master of Blessing’, the latest of his seven books, published by the Caritas Sister’s bookshop, has seen success in the market, selling more than 20,000 copies. He contributes daily to the Salesian website(www.ibosco.net) with meditations on the daily Gospel. Not only religious and people in ministry but also many lay people follow these reflections as an aid to their journey of faith.

Fr Yang made his first profession at Kwangju in 1987 on this day, the Feast of St Francis de Sales. He was ordained priest in Seoul in 1994, 24th June. He holds a licence in Spirituality from the UPS in Rome (2000) and a BA from the Catholic University in Seoul. Besides his written publications and the web contributions, he has also contributed spiritual reflections for TV and Radio in Seoul.

Immediately after his ordination, Fr Yang worked in Kwangju, in charge of the Family Home there, for young people at risk, and worked also with the aspirants. He then moved to Seoul, to Shin Weol Dong where he took up similar work for the Family Home there.  On return from Rome he has held various positions of responsibility as Rector, Novice Master (2005-2011), Provincial Councillor, and became Vice Provincial in 2010. He has been on the Provincial Commission for Ongoing Formation since 2004.

Currently Fr Yang is Rector of the Provincial House in Seoul. His installation as Provincial will take place on 26th April 2014.


Korea Province has 117 members, 13 communities with new communities planned. It covers a wide range of apostolic work, all the tradiitonal Salesian works. One prominent aspect of this work is the focus on young people at risk, with a number of centres dedicated fully to this. There are five Korean confreres who are missionaries 'ad gentes': 2 in Cambodia and one in each of Malawi, Mongolia, PNG.

Tiên Khấn, Tái Khấn và các Tập sinh mới

SUVA: 2 February 2014 -- 31st January and 1st February have traditionally been occasions for professions (31st) and for the new batch of novices to commence their novitiate (1st), for the Australia- Pacific Province. 2014 has been no exception.

Given that the ordinations in Korea were attended by the Provincial of the Australia-Pacific Province, the Vice Provincial, Fr Bernie Graham, undertook to travel to Fiji, where the novitiate, post novitiate and theologate are located, all but the first being more specifically for Pacifican Salesians. Because the of fewer numbers of Australian-born novices, the novitiate is combined. On 1st February 2014, two new novices have begun, one from Australia and one from the Pacific. They are under the guidance of Fr Taisali Leuluai.

But the main event over these days was the first profession of the two Pacfican Salesians just completing their novitiate. On 31st January, Fr Bernie received the first vows of young Salesians Kevin Fiame and Etuati Milo at Don Bosco House Nakasi, an outer suburb of Suva, Fiji's Capital city. He describes it as "a wonderful Mass and celebration with a good number of people present, including many of their fellow novices from the internovitiate program". This latter program is one of the attractive features of holding novitiates in Fiji as there are many other Congregations of men and women also located there, and excellent cooperation amongst them in the formation area.


Fr Bernie also accepted the renewal of vows of Bros. Anetelea Silao,  Liu Tuugamusu, and Varghese Palale in a separate ceremony.

Liên Hệ Tỉnh Dòng Sa-lê-diêng Don Bosco

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